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Maintenance advice

To clean

To clean the shelf, it is recommended to do it by hand and not to use hot water. Also, don't let the board get wet for too long. Simply rinse the shelf under the tap using a scouring pad or dishcloth and then pat it dry with a tea towel. Although dish soap is not necessary, it is recommended after contact with raw meat, poultry or fish.


Make sure you dry the board properly, putting it away wet will make the wood want to work. His work ethic is admirable, but a chopping board needs to take it easy. After drying, preferably place it upright. It is important that the grain of the wood is vertical. This greatly reduces the risk of warping.


Als hout is uitgedroogd, dan dien je dit opnieuw te oliën. De voorkeur heeft hiervoor druivenpitolie. Het is afhankelijk van het gebruik van de plank hoe vaak dit nodig is.

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