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Additional finishing options

It is possible to add extra finishing options to the product for drinks boards and menu holders

Straight edges

  • Minimalist look
  • Any possible thickness of the product

Slightly rounded edges

  • Roundings r = 3mm
  • Cutting board thickness possible, 15-40 mm


  • Cutting board thickness: 15 mm 20 mm

More rounded edges

  • Cutting board thickness: 10-20 mm

Oval side

Cutting board thickness: 20 mm

Rounded bottom

  • Bottom rounding size r+13mm
  • Possible thickness of products: 15mm – 20mm – 30mm


Possible thickness of the product: arbitrary

Add handles

We can also add a handle to the shelf if possible.

Handle in the middle

Milling round on the sides

Handle on bottom

3. Other possibilities

Milling (digging) 20mm in 30mm thick plank straight form of milling

Milling (digging) 10mm deep straight milling form Oak plank, oiled, height: 30 mm

Oak tray for snack dia 110x40mm.

Milling (digging) 4mm deep milling form finish rounded (r5) Oak plank, hard waxed, h: 20mm, Side with #6 bottom rounding

Sap pod round juice reservoir Oak plank, oiled, h: 20mm

Juice channel round juice reservoir Oak plank, oiled, h: 20mm

Round oak feet dia. 33×30 mm Oak plank 300x200x20 mm

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