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About us

Where it all started... The Hogeschool Utrecht

The story begins in 2017 at the Entrepreneurship & Retail Management course at Hogeschool Utrecht. In the first year of the training, the aim is to set up a company in a group. Together with five fellow students, Marvin then developed a serving board with 2 notches to prevent sliding sauce trays in the catering industry. At the time we could not make the notches to size, so our shelf could only be used for one type of sauce container. As a result unfortunately no board was sold during the project... 

Not a single shelf sold. What next?

After the project was completed, Marvin founded the company Marvin's Borrelplanken (now Marvin's BV) in 2018. With a board under his arm, he went to dozens of catering establishments in Utrecht. His first customer soon followed, not a restaurant, but a furniture store!

How is that possible? When Marvin visited the restaurant At Moov, they told him that the furniture store across the street was looking for a Utrecht snack board. The shelf had to be provided with an engraved Dom Tower. No sooner said than done! Marvin then sold his first plank to Geert Fuhren (on the left of the photo) of De Koperen Bel.

Koperen Bel (Geert) & Marvin's Maatwerk (Marvin)

Present: Marvin's BV

Now we work with a young team that is extremely enthusiastic to become the number one promotional gift specialist for customized products in Europe.

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We ship to every European country

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