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Beech spatula 30 cm

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Length (cm) 30
Width (cm) 7
Material Beech
Item number KBE30S

A 30 cm beech wood spatula is a classic and practical kitchen utensil that is indispensable in every kitchen. Made of high-quality beech wood, this spatula has a sturdy and durable construction that is long-lasting and easy to maintain.

At 30 cm long, this spatula is perfect for turning, flipping and serving food without getting your hands too close to the heat. The spatula's wide blade makes it easy to handle food, while the smooth finish ensures your pans and cooking surfaces won't get scratched.

The natural look of the beech wood gives this spatula a timeless and classic look that suits every kitchen style. The warm wood gives a rustic and cozy atmosphere to your kitchen and adds a touch of elegance and charm to your cookware.

The beech wood spatula is versatile and can be used for stirring, scooping and serving food such as sauces, soups, stews, and much more. It is also ideal for flipping pancakes, eggs, and burgers.

The spatula is easy to clean and maintain and can be easily stored away when not in use. The wood is resistant to wear and tear, so you can be sure that this spatula will last for years.

In short, this 30 cm beech wood spatula is an indispensable kitchen tool for every cook. Its durable and sturdy material, natural look and versatility make it a great addition to your kitchenware.