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Wooden fruit box 27x17 cm

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Marvin's products are made in Europe (with the exception of some olive wood products, which mainly come from Italy but can also come from Tunisia).

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Length (cm) 27
Width (cm) 17
Height (cm) 12
Material Spruce / Ash / Beech
Item number BE2717

Wooden fruit boxes are perfect presentation materials to create a rural, rustic or natural atmosphere. These boxes are often used to store and transport fruit, vegetables and other products, but they can also serve as stylish and practical decorative items for events and presentations.

The wooden material of the boxes gives a warm and natural look, which is ideal for the presentation of food or products with a natural character. The boxes are available in different sizes and shapes, making them versatile in use. For example, they can be used to present small items, such as cupcakes and pastries, or to display larger products, such as bottled drinks or floral arrangements.

By placing several boxes next to each other, different heights and levels can be created, which makes the presentation more visually interesting. The boxes can also be stacked together to create a sculptural presentation. It is even possible to paint or personalize the boxes with a company logo, making them a perfect fit for a specific event or presentation.

Wooden fruit boxes are not only stylish, but also durable and easy to maintain. The wood can be cleaned with a damp cloth and they are easy to store by stacking them when not in use.

All in all, wooden fruit boxes are a beautiful and practical material to use as presentation material for events, fairs or in shops. They give a rural look and create a natural and warm atmosphere that fits perfectly with products with a natural character.

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