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Clipboard Spectro leather A5

Important information

Made in Europe
Marvin's products are made in Europe (with the exception of some olive wood products, which mainly come from Italy but can also come from Tunisia).

Send directly to the customer?
Have your order delivered without a sender on the shipment? This is no problem! Moreover, we do not charge any additional costs for this.

Minimum order quantity
The minimum amount to order from Marvin's is €300.

Free shipping
We ship free to the Netherlands and Belgium from €600.

Engraving prices
The price for engraving depends on the size of the engraving.


Size: (A5) 18 x 24 cm
Materials: Spectro Leather
Minimum order:20 qty/color
  • Box for the daily menu
  • Impregnated leather - does not absorb water
  • Product packed in a paper envelope

We are the Dutch distributor of the LUVA brand. More information about this product can be found on the LUVA site:

Clipping boards, also known as clipboards, are a useful tool for restaurants and eateries to keep their order slips and other documents in an organized manner. These plates are made of sturdy material and are fitted with a clip to keep the papers in place.

One of the biggest advantages of clipping boards is that they are portable and can be carried by the operator during their work. This makes it easy to take and check orders, while keeping documents safe and organized.

In addition, clipping boards come in a variety of sizes and designs, meeting the needs of any dining venue. For example, some boards have a handy pocket for pens and other accessories, while others have an elastic band to keep extra documents in place.

Clipping boards are also easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for busy restaurants and eateries. The sturdy material can take a beating and the clip ensures that the documents remain securely in place, even when the restaurant is busy.

Finally, clipping boards also provide a professional appearance to the restaurant staff. It makes the service look organized and efficient, which can improve the overall guest experience.

All in all, clipping boards are a useful and practical tool for restaurants and eateries looking for an organized and professional way to keep track of their order slips and other documents.

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