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(6 pieces) Libbey Beer Glass Maxim 52 cl

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Brand Libbey
Series Maxim
Item number GBIER12
Order details
Status Inventory item
Sales unit piece(s) 6
Measures and weights
Diameter above (cm) 8
Middle diameter (cm) 12
Diameter below (cm) 9.5
Diameter (cm) 12.2
Height (cm) 15.7
Weight (grams)
Content (cl) 52

    The Libbey beer glass Maxim has a capacity of 52 cl and is designed with the aim of offering an optimal beer experience. The glass has a classic shape with a slender stem and a wide chalice that flares out slightly towards the top.

    The glass is made of clear and durable glass, so that the color and texture of the beer are clearly visible. The sturdy base ensures that the glass stands firmly on the table and does not fall over quickly. Moreover, the glass fits comfortably in the hand due to the slim handle and the weight of the glass.

    The Maxim is suitable for different types of beer, including lager, IPAs, ales and stouts. The wide chalice allows the beer to breathe well, so that the taste and aroma of the beer come out better. In addition, the tapered shape of the chalice ensures that the foam remains in place and does not disappear quickly.

    The Libbey beer glass Maxim is a stylish and functional glass that is suitable for both home use and professional catering. With this glass you can fully enjoy your favorite beer and it is a nice addition to your glassware collection.