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Pan scraper wood

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Marvin's products are made in Europe (with the exception of some olive wood products, which mainly come from Italy but can also come from Tunisia).

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Length (cm) 27
Width (cm) 6
Material Beech
Item number KBE27

A pot scraper is a useful and often overlooked kitchen utensil essential in any kitchen. It is a small, flat piece of flexible plastic or rubber used to scrape food and sauces from pans and bowls. It is also called a spatula, scraper or dough scraper.

The pan scraper is not only useful for removing food residues from the pan, but it also helps to reduce food waste. By using a scraper, cooks can remove almost all food from the pan or bowl, minimizing waste. This is especially important in professional kitchens where food costs can be high.

Another advantage of using a scraper is that it helps to clean pans and bowls. It is often difficult to remove food residues, especially when it comes to sticky or greasy ingredients. By using a scraper, cooks can easily remove most food scraps from the pan or bowl, leaving less waste to settle down the drain.

A pan scraper is not only useful for cooks, but also for bakers. It is often used to remove dough from the bowl or to scrape dough from a work surface. This is especially useful when making bread or pastries where every piece of dough is important. A pan scraper can also help divide dough into baking tins or smooth the top of a cake.

Although pot scrapers are often made of plastic or rubber, there are also models available that are made of wood or metal. Some even come with a silicone edge that makes them even more flexible and versatile.

Finally, the pot scraper is a versatile, indispensable tool in every kitchen. Not only does it help reduce food waste and clean pans and bowls, but it also comes in handy when baking. Whether you're a professional chef or just enjoy cooking at home, a pot scraper is a must-have tool in your kitchen arsenal.

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