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Board with handle and juice channel olive wood 45x18 cm

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Dimensions (cm) approx. 45x18x2
Weight (grams) 900
Material Olivewood
Finish Oiled
Item number OL4518

An olive wood plank with handle and juice channel is a wonderful addition to any kitchen and dining table. This shelf is made of olive wood, which comes from trees that no longer bear fruit. As a result, the wood is reused in a sustainable way and is given a second life as a beautiful serving board.

The dimensions of this board are approximately 45 by 18 cm, making it a handy size to use as a serving board for tapas, cheese and bread, or sushi, for example. The handle makes it easy to lift and move the board, while the juice channel prevents the juice from, for example, olives, cheese or cold cuts from ending up on the table. This makes the shelf not only functional, but also practical to use.

Olive wood has a unique and rustic look with beautiful drawings and colours, so that no plank is the same. Because olive wood is a hard type of wood, the board is durable and lasts a long time. The board becomes even more beautiful with time and can serve for years as a beautiful serving board for all kinds of occasions.

An olive wood plank with handle and juice channel is not only practical to use, but it is also a beautiful element to give as a gift. Whether you have a housewarming, birthday or other festive occasion, this shelf is sure to be appreciated by the recipient.

In short, an olive wood board with handle and juice channel is a beautiful and durable serving board that is sure to impress your guests. The use of olive wood gives the board a unique look and the juice groove and handle make it practical to use. It is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates quality, durability and beautiful design.