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Board with leather handle beech 33x16 cm

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€6.49 (ex. btw)
€6.49 (ex. btw) - €6.49 (ex. btw)
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Size: 33x16x2cm
Finish: Oiled 
Weight: 0.7kg
Materials: Beechwood

The beech board with leather handle is a stylish and functional kitchen accessory that is perfect for serving snacks, cheese boards and other treats. The shelf is made of high-quality beech wood, which makes it durable and sturdy.

The leather handle is made of full grain leather, which provides a luxurious look and a comfortable grip. The leather is of high quality and will only become more beautiful over time, giving the shelf a timeless look. The handle is firmly attached to the shelf and makes it easy to move the shelf.

The beech board with leather handle is not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher on the table. The combination of wood and leather gives the board a warm and natural look. The shelf is perfect for both casual and formal occasions and can be easily combined with different types of tableware.

To keep the board in optimal condition, it is important to clean it with a damp cloth and dry it after use. Regular maintenance with an oil or wax keeps the plank in top condition and can last for years.

In short, the beech shelf with leather handles is a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen. With its high-quality materials, timeless look and functional design, it is the perfect shelf for serving snacks, cheese platters and other delicacies.