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Account folder Primavera leather

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Original price
€18.30 (ex. btw)
€18.30 (ex. btw) - €18.30 (ex. btw)
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Marvin's products are made in Europe (with the exception of olive wood, which comes from Tunisia).

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Size: 12 x 23.5 cm
Materials:Primavera Leather
Minimum order:10 qty/color
  • Credit card box
  • Pen holder

We are the Dutch distributor of the LUVA brand. More information about this product can be found on the LUVA site:

Leather bill wallets are a stylish and practical solution for restaurants and eateries that want to enhance their table decoration while also looking for a practical solution for presenting their bills to guests. These folders are made of high-quality leather that is soft to the touch and has a luxurious look.

Leather bill wallets are available in a variety of colors and styles, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. The leather is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for high-traffic restaurants and eateries.

One of the benefits of leather bill wallets is that they provide a protective layer for your bills, making them last longer and less likely to get damaged. This not only ensures better sustainability of your bills, but also a better image of your restaurant.

In addition, leather bill folders can contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in your restaurant. They add an extra layer of style and class to the table decoration, which can enhance your guests' overall experience.

Leather bill wallets also offer a practical solution for restaurants and eateries. They keep your bills organized and protected so you can easily and securely present them to your guests.

Finally, leather wallets are also a sustainable option for restaurants and eateries. Because they are made of high-quality materials, they last longer than traditional bill folders and need to be replaced less often.

In short, leather bill wallets are an elegant and practical solution for restaurants and eateries looking for a stylish way to present their bills and enhance their table decoration. They offer protection, style and durability, and are a great investment for any restaurant.